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Colorado Para-Tech, or C.P.T., is two entities.


First, Colorado Para-Tech Investigations is a registered Colorado organization comprised of seasoned paranormal researchers whose mission is to seek factual, realistic, and scientific answers to paranormal phenomena based on hard evidence. The team has investigated many locations throughout Colorado over the years and in 2014, due to changing circumstances throughout the team, C.P.T. no longer does private investigations and has changed focus to research cases. Founder, Rich Horn, continues to work with other area paranormal groups as requested, as well as  assists in public investigations and gives presentations on paranormal technology with emphasis on data collection and scientific methodology. We also conduct ongoing field research and lab experiments to help gain insights into paranormal research equipment needs, as well as, explore all aspects of paranormal phenomena.



We never investigate a location without permission. We urge everyone to always get permission before you investigate and don't trespass on public or private property!



Second, Colorado Paranormal Technology, a licensed Colorado business, dba Colorado Para-Tech, is a night-vision lighting equipment manufacturing company that was born from the creation of the first Ghost Light™ IR illuminator in 2009. Now with our 5th generation lights, the Ghost Light PRO™ series takes IR, UV, and Full Spectrum night vision lighting to an evolutionary new level unparalleled in the field. C.P.T. also explores other technologies and protoype devices for research, but maintains an emphasis in night-vision equipment. C.P.T. continues to advance LED lighting with the first ever high power True Full Spectrum light and now produces specialty lighting for Hunters, Night Sports, Law Enforcement, Forensics Investigators, and Photography Artists.


This site showcases C.P.T.'s investigations, research, findings, and product development. It also features information and media from experiments and studies, as well as, paranormal tutorials and helpful "how-to" information that we find useful for the paranormal community. We believe scientific education and research will provide real answers to paranormal questions.


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